Housing Affordability

A good community must have a variety of housing options for its citizens.

Work in partnership with senior levels of government by providing City owned lots for new housing projects. Eight lots have been committed to affordable housing by the City of Kelowna. I supported these much needed projects through to completion.

Secondary Suites and Carriage Homes are an important part of the supply of rental and affordable housing. I have strongly advocated for the expansion of this type of housing throughout Kelowna for many years. 

I support a “housing first” policy for the homeless. Providing a short-term clean and safe place to live will give people the best chance of becoming productive members of society. I was supportive of the John Howard Project that opened in 2012 called "Newgate"; the CMHA project called "Willowbridge" which opened in 2010, and the NOW Canada project on Tutt Street which opened in 2011. I supported the Commercial avenue supoortive housing project that will launch in 2018. It is my hope that we can relocate many people that are in temporary shelters in the City down town core to these supportive housing facilities. 

Encourage the expansion of rental housing in Kelowna. The last three years have seen significant expansion of new rental housing in Kelowna. The vacancy rate has  been very challenging in Kelowna. (reduced from a healthy 3.0% to less than 1%.) More work needs to be done. Increased rental supply usually leads to broader variety of rental rates which benefits all renters.

Encourage developers to build "attainable" town homes that working people can afford to buy. 

Rental Housing Grants - Continue to support grants to reduce DCC taxes on new rental housing.

Continue to offer tax incentives to encourage purpose built rental housing.