Parks and Recreation

Complete Stuart Park Phase II in 2015. 

Okanagan Rail Corridore: Securing the 49.5 kilometer CN rail line from downtown Kelowna to Vernon has been a priority for this Council. Kelowna has taken the lead in negotiating this agreement. This is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity that must not be missed. This transportation corridore must be protected.  

I have been committed to expanding off-road bicycle pathways for the last 6 years. We completed the rails with trails Phase II in 2014. The next important link is from Dilworth Mountain to the Mission Greenway near Orchard park shopping centre. 

Redesign and rebuild the Parkinson Recreation Centre. This aging public facility is needing to be replaced. This should be an important objective of the next elected Council. This Council did rebuild the new Senior's centre at Parkinson during this term. (2012) 

Launch the new Rowcliffe Park at Central Green. (Target 2017)

Establish new playing fields in Glenmore. Move this initiative forward. 

Implement an achievable, and affordable plan for the Pandosy Waterfront Park. Council is now in process to secure all 11 lots of lakefront property in 2014. This is step one of a new Pandosy Park.  

Continue to develop a new Greenway along Belleview Creek.

Expand Public access to the waterfront. Whenever an opportunity arises to secure lakefront for the benefit of the entire community it should be pursued.

Protect natural sensitive wetland habitat.