Public Safety and Security

“Everyone needs to feel safe.”

The recent Citizen Survey shows we have work to do in this area. 

The homeless and street population has added many challenges to public safety through out the City but particularly in the town center. I support housing people and helping them move their lives forward; but I also support law and order. City By-law officers and the RCMP have been instructed to keep Kelowna streets and parks safe. Law and order must be maintained. 

Kelowna has a long term agreement with the RCMP to protect the public. I have supported the addition of the new City Police building on Cawston. This was a $48 million dollar investment to provide top qulaity facilites to the RCMP.  I have also supported the addition of many new RCMP officers over my 4 terms on Council. 

The Kelowna Fire Department is also a very important part of providing public safety. I supported the timely addition of expanded fire protection service to the Glenmore Valley. We will continue to add fire protection as our City grows. 

Approximately 1/3 of the taxes the City collects each year are used to fund protective services. Protective services include the RCMP, the Kelowna Fire Department and City of Kelowna Bylaw officers.