Promote a Bicycle culture and improved Public Transit and Key Roads

Continue to expand public transit. Covid has really set this plan back a few years. Through the Provincial "Safe restart" funding the City hs been able to maintain some transit. Much work is needed to relocate the transit yards to property near UBCO. The City is depending on the Province to partner with it to expand and renew the transit yards. Hopefully the City can make progress on this important initiative in the next four years. The last four years were focused on securing a site for the yards. Now secured, the focus changes toward building a new transit yard. 

Continue to expand safe bicycle lanes throughout the city. Kelowna is now home to over 330 kilometers of on-street bicycle lanes. My goal is to see a loop of off-street bicycle paths linking all major hubs of the City. 

Finally we will have a road and bicycle connection from the Glenmore Valley to UBCO. This vital link was long overdue. I have supported this link for many years. (This was one of my first goals when I first ran for office in 2008)

Continue  to promote Phase II of the Highway 33 extension to Downtown Kelowna. This is in the Master Transportation Plan, but currently is not funded.