Promote a Bicycle culture and improved Public Transit

Arts & Culture

Healthy communities include public access to the arts, culture and community events.

Expand and improve Public Spaces

Promote the expansion of public markets, “people places,” shopping hubs, parks and recreational facilities.


This precious water resources we have need to be monitored, protected and managed carefully.

Integrated Neighbourhoods

Zoning is an important tool that will encourage integration.

Inclusive Community

Welcome diversity and celebrate our differences

The Environment

Expand recycling programs - encourage water and land conservation measures.

Housing Affordability

A good community must have a variety of housing options for its citizens.

Is the sky the limit?

This article appeared in the Capital News. I thought it summarized the many city centre changes I have overseen in Kelowna in recent years. 

20180324 122224 

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Beacon to the Future

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State of the City - 2018

20180126 133609

Mayor Colin Basran provided his annual speach to a "full-house" of the Chamber of Commernce on January 26, 2018. He highlighted the many good initiatives underway in the City in 2018. The economy is strong, culture is booming, and there is a high level of satisfaction with City services provided to the public. There is a sense of optimism moving forward in 2018. 

“Council understands and is reflective of our entrepreneurial city,” said Mayor Basran. “Even with all the growth we’ve experienced in recent years, we remain a diverse, small-business economy that is adept at changing with the times.” He cited the city’s ranking last autumn at the top of BMO’s annual list of the best job markets in Canada as an example of how the local economy is performing. He also noted Kelowna’s inclusion in the Smart21 Cities of the world as further evidence of a city that looks for technological and cultural innovation to improve citizens’ quality of life. His speech went on to identify a number of challenges the City is challenged with  - particularly in affordability and homelessness. 

The Chamber presented the City with this portrait of the late Gordon Downie in appreciation. 

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Top 10 - Kelowna Daily Courier Jan 13, 2018

20180113 104527

This article was published in the Okanagan Weekend paper on January 13, 2018. I was pleased to be recognized. 

20180113 104548

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Low Vacancy Rates Continue to Challenge Kelowna

This story was in the Capital News on November 29, 2017

20171130 rent

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